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  • 2024

    • Professional and become International Consultant exposure (MKI).
    • Exploration assets with target 1M USD.

  • 2025

    • Owned of 5 mine nonmetal concessions.
    • Minimum 2 concession running in production.
    • 10M USD of Revenue.
    • Owned branch office in SEA region.

  • 2026

    • The 1st metal concession owned.
    • Fully implement mining digitalization through all MRI Concession.
    • Expansion Mine Concession in SEA.

  • 2027

    • Graduate Development Program (GDP) and Leadership Program.

  • 2030

    • IPO

Summary for Executives

With a strategic Initial Public Offering (IPO) planned for 2030, Minevesting Vision 2030 lays out an ambitious plan to position Minevesting Group as a leader in the mining industry. Elevating asset values, streamlining operations, and integrating cutting-edge digital technology are all part of this growth roadmap.

Strategy and Execution

A solid groundwork of expansion and operational excellence will support the Minevesting Vision 2030's implementation, with essential plans including:

  • An investment of $1 million in assets and an expansion of the workshop to house up to fifteen rig sets will allow Minevesting to step up its exploratory efforts in 2024.
  • Managing Concessions: Minevesting plans to open a Singaporean branch office by 2025, run a number of non-metal mining concessions efficiently, bring in at least $10 million, and solidify its position in the market.
  • Quality Standards and Certification: Minevesting is dedicated to providing top-tier mining solutions by maintaining high-quality standards. To this end, we ensure that every team member is certified and has access to the newest software licenses.
  • In order to prepare for an initial public offering (IPO) and completely transform the mining industry in Southeast Asia, Minevesting plans to implement digital technology throughout all of its activities by 2027.

Growth Opportunities in the Market

Minevesting Vision 2030 is well-positioned to take advantage of market opportunities, propelling capital growth, and expanding its influence within the sector, all while the worldwide need for mining resources is on the rise.

In Summary

Achieving growth, innovation, and sector leadership is within reach with Minevesting Vision 2030, a concrete and strategic plan that guarantees huge profits and progress in the industry.

Wanna be partner of us to achieve Minevesting Vision 2030?