About Us

Minevesting Group is a holding company in the integrated energy and mining sector that operates in the upstream to downstream sectors. MV Group was founded by three people namely Umar Rivaldy Pulukadang, Hazred Fathan, and Ocky Pradikha Riadi. The founders of MV Group are people who have strong experience in the mining sector, especially in the fields of exploration, extraction and environmental processing.

Aspiring to be an integrated world-class mining business that prioritizes Environmental, Sustainability and Governance, various innovations from various short, medium and long term programs have been prepared to meet Minevesting Vision 2030.

Started in 2019, Minevesting Group now has various subsidiaries that are able to make important contributions to the business ecosystem in the mining sector. The business continues to transform to be able to focus on a business portfolio that can promote low carbon emission targets and the 2060 Net Zero Emission (NZE) program in Indonesia.

Our Vision

❝To become a world-class integrated energy-mining company based on ESG.❞

Our Mission

  • Develop an integrated and synergistic energy-mining business.
  • Creating independence in supporting the companies business lines.
  • Creating added value and developing digital culture.
  • Creating superior human resources and able to compete globally.
  • Oriented to progress and regional and community development.

Our Value

  • Terukur (Scalable)
  • Akuntabilitas (Accountabilities)
  • Kolaboratif (Collaborative)
  • Transformatif (Transformative)
  • Intuitif (Intuitive)
  • Komitmen (Commitment)

Our Milestone


Dunia Tambang

Started as the largest digital mining media in Indonesia "duniatambang.co.id".



Initiate to create a mining holding as "Minevesting".

GN Consulting

Acquired environmental and mining consulting company "GN Consulting" and expanded business sectors.



Established a company for mining training and certification center "Edublast" and established a mining consulting and coal commodity trading company.


Minevesting Asset Management

Established a company to manage company assets "Minevesting Asset Management"



Achieve our goal

Minevesting Partners


Ocky Pradikha Riady, B.eng, M.si, CLMC

Mining and government compliance specialist with over 5 years of experience in the Indonesian mining industry. Proven ability to manage and coordinate all aspects of government compliance for mining projects, including environmental impact assessments, permitting, and regulatory compliance.


Umar Rivaldy Pulukadang, B.eng, MM, CP(SNI), MAusIMM

As the Managing Director at Minevesting Resources, I analyze opportunities in the mining industry in Indonesia, manage risk and appraise mining projects. I also lead profitable business development efforts that leverage the company's strengths and strategic partnerships.

In addition, I am the Chief Operation Officer and Co-Founder of Dunia Tambang, a news-media website and software housing platform for technical mining management that connects all the stakeholders in the mining industry, including academics and practitioners. I have a Master of Management degree from Universitas Indonesia, with a focus on risk management of finance, and a Bachelor's degree in Mining and Mineral Engineering from Universitas Sriwijaya. I have multiple publications, certifications, and honors in the field of mining engineering and geostatistics. I am passionate about the mining capital market in Indonesia and its growth potential.


Hazred Umar Fathan, B.eng, MBA, CPI (MGEI), CP (SNI), MAusIMM

Hazred has expertise in geological models and resource estimation in coal and base metals, a strong background in project assessment and development stages.

Currently, I hold several licenses for consultant, mining, geospatial, and environment. Focusing research and doing innovation for the mining and energy sector in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.